The Four Types of Trainers

The Four Types of Trainers

Systematic Trainer

Likes documentation and measurement of training and administration – works with a lot of paper systems – appraisal, evaluation, requisition, objectives, etc. Likes to see all training and personnel functions systematized. Sees people as parts of work system rather than individuals

Directive Trainer

An expert is someone who “Tells” and “Sells” rather than “Consults” or “Joins” in a subject area concerned – he/she has more power and influence over others. He/she uses his/her own skills, influence and power to get things accomplished – “teaching”.

Facilitative Trainer

As a punishment he/she turns off his interest in a person as a punishment. Avoids conflict if at all possible; discounts value of organization, system and technology. Enjoys long conversations as a way of getting to know people better; Sees understanding of others as prime training requisite.

Interactive Trainer

A trainee is someone who Likes to become a part of the group; Joins rather than Tells; Takes an active part in training process, along with trainees; Dislikes routine and procedure; Handles conflict openly; Attempts to achieve common ground for group; Sometimes compromises.