Book: Competency Based Training and Assessment
Book: Competency Based Training and Assessment
Book: Competency Based Training and Assessment
Book: Competency Based Training and Assessment

Competency-Based Technical Trainers Training is now a hot topic in academic circles. The role of the trainer in the teacher education enterprise has frequently been ignored, as program structure, organization, expectations, and purpose have dominated. It’s almost as if, like teaching, the trainer’s work has been seen as relatively straightforward. Because of this, the aim of teacher education, the advanced knowledge and abilities required to perform that profession effectively, is either overlooked or, unfortunately enough, ignored. Because of this, I have written this book to shed light on the crucial work that trainers do. Thus, they begin to express essential components of what it means to be a teacher educator and generate actual possibilities to grasp better what that means with the professional growth of the trainer themselves.

A framework for my examination of “the roles, behavior and professional development of trainer” is outlined in the introduction, in which they explain not only how they went about their review but also why it’s important to them as researchers and, more broadly for the profession of the trainer. The value of this effort should not be overlooked quickly. A lack of attention has been paid to forming deeper understandings of the people who work in education worldwide because teacher education is so pervasive. This book sheds light on how trainers function, how they develop, what they “know and can do,” and how their professional learning can be supported and strengthened.

This book shows that trainer’s professional development is gaining attention and impetus. Teachers’ education pedagogy has been overlooked for far too long. This study serves to refocus attention on it and remind us of its importance as a foundation for professional knowledge and practice in teacher education.

This book has laid the groundwork for future efforts to increase the quality and comprehension of the trainer’s work of the trainer’s work. The complexity and sophistication of teaching cannot be disregarded, and simplistic perspectives and methods for teacher preparation should not be avoided. The problem now is to make sure that the foundation laid by this book is properly built upon so that it can have a true impact on the thinking about and practices of teacher education in institutions generally but in particular institutions.

I took help from various references to make this a complete guideline. Thanks to their resources, see references.

Hope this book will help you understand the new concept of Competency-based Training and Assessment in Bangladesh.

Khan Mohammad Mahmud Hasan


April, 2022

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