Friends -Poem by Khan Mohammad Mahmud Hasan

Now we’ve been friends
For quite a while
Whenever I had a problem
You made me smile
Whenever I was down
You helped me to stand
You gave only love
With no demands
You were there for me
Through thick and through thin
Through all of the trouble
I’ve gotten myself in
You’d pick me back up
Whenever I’d fall
And no matter how late
You’d always answer my call
And through all this time
You never asked me for a thing
Only love to my heart
Did you bring
But now I think
It’s time to repay
You for all the things
You’ve done along the way
For every smile
That you’ve brought out in me
I’ll try to make you happy
For eternity
For every time
That you helped me to stand
I’ll give you my all
With no demands
And for all the times
You gave me your heart
I’ll give you mine
And promise to never part



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