Poem: Broken Heart

Poem: Broken Heart

Silence fell over the room
As I walked down the aisle
When I met you at the altar
They all just smiled
We said our vows
And promised to never part
Yet I stand here today
With this broken heart
My will to go on seems gone
My dreams torn and tattered
My love for you is still strong
But my heart beaten and shattered
You stand there as if
You’ve done nothing wrong
With her in your arms
How can I go on?
I was there for you
Through thick and through thin
I stood by your side
And wanted to till the end
But you deserted our vows
The promises that we had made
You lied and you cheated
Letting the flame just fade
There were several things
You’ve done to be untrue
But I forgave them all
For the love that I have for you
This is so hard for me to do
But today I will let you go
As hard as it is for me to say
Because I love you, you know
But always, remember this
I will never let you back in
You’ve made your decision
My heart will never be yours again


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