Poem: A Sad Snowy Night

A Sad Snowy Night – A Poem by Khan Mohammad Mahmud Hasan


She walks down the street
With no place to go
No coat on her back

And her shoes filled with snow
Her tattered clothes
Can’t keep her warm

She needs a place to stay
Until the morn
She asks a man

Along the way
If he knows of a shelter
Where she can stay

He looks at her
With a sigh
And shakes his head

As he walks by
She hangs her head
In sorrowful shame

For she knows
He’s not to blame
For her misfortune

For her despair
It wasn’t his fault
Why should he care

She goes into the alley
To get away from the breeze
Then covers herself with boxes

So she won’t freeze
It’s just another cold
Wintry night

That she’ll sleep outside
Till morning light