K M Mahmud Hasan – Monthly Digest – June 2023

K M Mahmud Hasan – Monthly Digest – June 2023


JUNE 2023

We hope this post finds you well. As part of my ongoing commitment to keep you informed about the latest articles in TVET and Entrepreneurship Sector developed by Me, I am excited to introduce our new Monthly web link digest.

In this digest, I have curated a selection of insightful articles, blog posts, and resources from around the web that we believe you will find valuable and informative.

Here are this week’s featured web links:

I encourage you to click on the links above to explore these valuable resources in more detail. Feel free to bookmark them for future reference or share them with your colleagues and friends who might also benefit from the information.

If you have any suggestions or specific topics you would like us to cover in future digests, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We value your feedback and strive to provide content that meets your needs and interests.

Wishing you a productive and fulfilling month ahead!

Best regards,

Khan Mohammad Mahmud Hasan


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