Most of the organizations conduct aptitude tests for screening the applications of job-seekers. Perhaps aptitude tests reveal the problem solving abilities of the individual, though it is a debatable issue. Organization of Thoughts is important, not answer.

Problem solving abilities are acquired while working on development projects. A software developer encounters problems of varying nature while executing a project. To think of various alternatives to solve the problem and decide which is the best solution are the abilities that come through experience.

The questions could be, What is the capacity of this hall? What. is the approximate volume of this room? What is your weight in Newtons or pounds? What could be the weight of this building? What is your volume in liters? What could be the weight of a city bus or Rajadhani express? .

Some of the famous questions asked by Microsoft interviewers during recruitment of software developers are: How much water flows in the Mississippi River? How many gas stations (petrol bunks) are there in your state? How many cars may be found in your city? The exact answer is not important, but the approach to solve the problem is important.
Often the problem is 100% new to you! It is a deadly puzzle! In aptitude tests, if there are no negative marks, answer all the questions under any circumstances.

A FOOL may be defined as one who does not answer all the questions even though there are no negative marks for it!