Difference between Soft Skill and Employability Skill

Difference between Soft Skill and Employability Skill

The terms “soft skills” and “employability skills” are closely related, but there are some subtle differences

Feature Soft Skills Employability Skills
Focus Personal attributes and interpersonal skills Broader range of abilities for workplace success
Examples Communication, Teamwork, Problem-solving Communication, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Resume writing, Interviewing, Networking
Applicability Across various jobs and industries Job-seeking and specific work-related skills
Development Life experiences, education, and training Life experiences, education, training, and job market knowledge

Here’s an analogy: Think of soft skills as the building blocks, and employability skills as the entire structure. Soft skills are essential for any successful professional, but employability skills take it a step further by including the specific tools and knowledge needed to navigate the job market and excel in a particular work environment.


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